Required Assets for Voyaging

The required assets


Pirates have 3 skills between 150-300.
Those skills are: -
  • Navigation
  • Strength
  • Luck
These skills affect your pirates chance of success on voyages. High navigation and strength will help you avoid damage on voyages and you will lose fewer support ships, meaning you need to spend less doubloons.
High luck skill will help you win more chests, which contain doubloons. You will be able to compensate for your pirates' weaknesses by upgrading your ship, using support ships and artifacts. Visual rarity has no utility apart from looking like a badass pirate.


Like pirates, flagships also have Strength, Navigation and Luck skills. The higher the skill of your flagship, the more successful your voyages will be.
Flagships also have 6 upgradeable parts, which you'll see on Moonbeans.
Each level gives +10 points to a skill.
  • Cannon & Hull (Strength) -
  • Helm & Sails (Navigation)
  • Flag & Figurehead (Luck)
Flagships with more upgrades will be more expensive to buy. Flagships with everything at level '1' have no upgrades, and will be the cheapest.


TMAPs are exchanged for voyages. Your pirate goes on voyages to earn doubloons. A Gen 0 pirate will generate 3 TMAP passively every day, even when on a voyage. The rate at which TMAP is generated is subject to change - it can be voted on and changed to manage supply/demand and keep price fair.
Your pirate must not be on a voyage in order to claim your TMAP.
First generation pirates (parrots) are the only TMAP generating asset. Future collections will not generate TMAP.
Some pirates are sold with unclaimed TMAPs. To check this:
  • Go to the pirate listing on Moonbeans
  • Under the picture of the pirate click the ’other’ tab Y
You can also buy TMAP on Solarbeam.


Doubloons are used for repairing, upgrading and buying support ships. Your pirate goes on voyages to earn doubloons. Check Post Voyage and Rewards.
Doubloons are our primary in-game currency and their utility will grow as the game expands.
You can also buy Doubloons on Solarbeam.

Artifacts (optional)

Artifacts give you a boost to one skill. Unlike support ships, they cannot be destroyed. While you’re free to use them as many times as you want to, you can only take one on a voyage so you’ll need to choose carefully.
There are multiple tiers of artifact:
Common (small boost) Rare (medium boost) Epic (large boost) Legendary (... even larger boost)
Higher tier artifacts have a lower chance to drop. There’s no fixed amount, but the drop rate is low enough that we don’t expect to see the market flooded with legendary artifacts (or any artifact).
You’ll be able to sell these on the secondary market - artifacts are a great way for lower skill pirates or new players to give themselves a boost on harder voyages.
Common Strength - Sertorius' Fist
Common Luck - Dunstan's Deal
Common Navigation - Shih's Compass
Rare Strength - Dalma's Doll
Rare Luck - Ceasar's Charm
Rare Navigation - Bonny's Spyglass
Epic Strength - Cortés Curse
Epic Luck - O’Malley's Ring
Epic Navigation - Salazar's Sextant
Legendary Strength - Teach's Totem
Legendary Luck - Laffite's hand
Legendary Navigation - Barbarossa's Astrolabe