Generation 0 Pirates

What are Generation 0 Pirates?

Generation 0 consists of 3,000 unique Parrots; they are the original inhabitants of Tortuga. Consisting of over200 traits, these were the first collection of the Damned Pirates Society. The artwork was done by the artist Ozzz from Mafriends art. They were designed to be a great profile picture as well as assets to be used in the game. A blend of art and utility.
A Generation 0 Pirate
In addition to being quality pieces of art, each parrot has skills that influence their performance in-game. Generation 0 Pirates' skill levels were based on a linear distribution with roughly equal numbers of high skill and low skill pirates.
The skill range (150-300) in each level was determined at mint and is unable to be changed.
Treasure Map token (TMAP) generation is exclusive to Gen 0 Pirates and is required for BUYING A VOYAGE.